What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an innovative fitness program created by Greg Glassman. His goal when developing the CrossFit methodology was to define fitness in a measurable and meaningful way. The program focuses on increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

At their core, CrossFit workouts and WODs (“Workouts of the Day”) are performed at high intensity using continually varied functional movements. This helps to bring maximum results for the time spent working out.

Draws From a Range of Disciplines

CrossFit workouts draw from many sports and athletic activities, including weightlifting, running, gymnastics, rowing and more. Core movements ensure that the whole body is trained in the least amount of time possible for maximum results.

Intensity is key to achieving great results. CrossFit measures success through work divided by the output of effort used. A high output in a short amount of time results in a more intense workout. A constantly varied training approach to training combined with intense, functional movements can lead to dramatic fitness gains.

CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman refined the CrossFit approach over several decades while tracking the results those using CrossFit were experiencing. This led to a system that maximizes workout efficiency to improve health and fitness dramatically.

Get Fit in a Community

Workouts may involve weight training, running, jumping rope and rowing all in one WOD, but there are potentially endless permutations of CrossFit workouts.

However, another special element of CrossFit is the community that is fostered through training in group class setting. You will be around a group of like-minded individuals whose ultimate goal is to better themselves through fitness. There are now over 14,000 CrossFit affiliates across the world. The combination of shared goals of health and fitness along with a centralized training location make this fitness approach truly special.

A Blend of Intensity and Community

In this way, CrossFit embodies both competition and camaraderie. This makes CrossFit an amazing way to both stay fit and have fun. Those who embrace the CrossFit lifestyle report that it yields an unmatched results that they have never experienced in other fitness programs.

CrossFit is also data-driven. Participants use scorecards (such as on a whiteboard) to track their progress over time. Keeping records and scores can allow progress to be accurately tracked and refinements made. This is often extremely motivating and can help to propel rapid progress.

CrossFit is embraced by those who wish to be fit as well as in a state of preparedness for just about anything. Since there is no one specialty or focus of effort in CrossFit training over time, the whole body gets prepped for a range of physical encounters.

While CrossFit can seem intimidating, it is extremely scalable. This means anyone at any fitness level can begin their CrossFit journey regardless of experience. All it takes is a commitment to do your best and push yourself from week to week. You can adjust the load and intensity of each workout to suit your progress level.

Soar to New Heights

At our CrossFit gym, our mission is to create a positive atmosphere that allows you to achieve your fitness goals in an enjoyable setting. People who look forward to going to a gym are more likely to spend time there, put in the work and tell their friends.

At our gym, you can expect a supportive atmosphere that will be conducive to continual self-improvement. You will receive focused guidance on your form and teach you the ideal way to perform a movement. Our ultimate goal is your safety and those around you.

In a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded people, you’ll be unstoppable! Our community of dedicated CrossFit athletes will soon feel like friends and family. A sense of community can draw out the very best in anyone committed to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Become Your Best Self Through Fitness

The mission and ultimate goals of our gym are to assist members in creating and becoming the very best version of themselves possible. If this is your goal for yourself, stop by our gym for a consultation. We’ll help you get started on the path to stronger and more focused you, and you’ll have fun along the way.